Home Fires 2018 Has ended.

Thank you, Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Enriching the Community through Art

The mission of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center is to provide a quality event, visual and performing arts venue for all of the community.

Located at 1300 Gendy Street, the FWCAC is part of the most architecturally significant museum districts in the United States. The striking modern Herbert Bayer building (with a later O’Neil Ford addition) opened to the public in 1954 as home to one of the most prestigious and oldest collecting organizations in the state of Texas, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. When, in 2002, the Modern moved down the street, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center opened. The building has exhibited world class art and supported the performing arts for more than half a century. The Arts Council manages the FWCAC, provides leadership and funding to local arts organizations through our competitive grants program and administers the Fort Worth Public Art program. 

For more: events@fwcac.org 

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 9AM - 5PM

Please contact each artist directly if you'd like information about their work.

About Purchasing Home Fires Art

During the exhibition, all art was sold through FWCAC. 

Now, to discuss availability, pricing, and shipping, please contact the artists directly.

More about Home Fires 2018

Igniting Imagination

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and you know the place for the first time. 

TS Eliot, Little Gidding

There came to him an image of man's whole life upon the earth…a tiny spurt of flame that blazed…. all man's grandeur came from the brevity and smallness of this flame. 

Thomas Wolfe, You Can't Go Home Again

The human sense of home is a product of symbolic thinking. When humans transitioned from the hunter/gatherer mode of subsistence to an agricultural way of life, they adopted a fixed residence, cultivated nearby fields, domesticated animals, and created a lifestyle and landscape to call one’s own. That decision to stay in one location transferred loyalty from the mobile social group to a particular place. They called it home.

We resolve our physical surroundings into a vocabulary of mental symbols that create the feeling of home. So, it’s both a physical sense of place and an abstract feeling. We are all anchored as individuals to a social group and a geographic starting point. Intellectually and emotionally, we invent, reshuffle and revisit symbols to give meaning to our concrete world. Artists’ individual sensitivities and environmental underpinnings consciously or unconsciously echo their own complex notions of home in everything they produce. 

In October, 2018, a group of seven artists currently living here or who formerly called Fort Worth home shared the sparks that burn within their individual visions. Home Fires honored the indelible impact of home, no matter where its inhabitants may eventually land. Because, ultimately, home is both origin and destination.
Paige Hendricks