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Home Fires 2018

For a variety of reasons,
people move from their hometowns.
But the desire to stay close kept the home fires burning.

Home Fires Artists

Home Fires Artists, October 5, 2018 at Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, Texas

The group show during October epitomized renewal of friendship, community, reunion, and a combination and homogeneity of arts produced by Fort Worth-related artists:

Willis F. Lee (far right), a photographer working in classic black and white and color, is a master practitioner of gelatin-silver prints and copperplate photogravure. He is widely collected and has been exhibited in museums and in the finest galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Marilyn Maxwell (4th from left), also an award-winning photographer now living in Santa Fe, has been published and shown throughout America and Europe. Her work demonstrates her concern for our stewardship of the natural world. Maxwell will feature black and white infrared photography of wildlife executed on her recent journey to Africa.

Georgia James Clarke (5th from left), also an award-winning artist, is a painter and photographer whose styles range from portrait and figurative work to abstraction and surrealism, as in her Spirit Series. She is particularly interested in expressing how individual creativity is interrelated, often emanating from the same core place. 

Cass Hook (organizer, 2nd from left), has organized this exhibition.  He is a sculptor now living on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, works in bronze, clay, and mixed media and paints in pastel and acrylic. Hook works mostly in abstraction, but has done portrait commissions and many figure sculptures. Lee, Maxwell, Clarke, and Hook have known each other since elementary and middle school.

Scout Stormcloud (far left), a native of Houston, is an oil painter whose style might be considered post-impressionist, and whose subjects range from images encompassing artists she admires, to her garden and pets, as well as various other subjects, like Austin’s world-famous music scene, that interest her. Scout now lives just outside Austin with her husband, Cass Hook, and together they exhibit and produce shows around Austin.

Wendy Hook (2nd from right), a quilt maker and Fort Worth resident, who has studied with a number of other accomplished textile artists, and shown her work in galleries and conventions, makes stunning modern art patterned quilts that are treasured by those who acquire them.

Betty Alcorn (3rd from left), also is a resident of Fort Worth, and an accomplished landscape painter. Alcorn is a veteran of a number of gallery shows in Fort Worth. Alcorn is also a close friend of Wendy Hook’s, and attended high school with Wendy’s brother-in-law, Cass Hook.

Photo: Renee Johnson, at the October 5 opening reception.

Our curator for the exhibition was Paige Hendricks Russey, a Fort Worth native whose experience in public relations (with special emphasis on performing arts and fine arts) spans four decades. She is an artist and designer, as well.